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Hello! I am Ralph :)) My name is Ralph and been living for 20 years in this colorful world. I am half pinoy and half chinese = chinoy much. I love staying at home, or if in the mood I usually hang-out with friends and spend time in movie house and cafe's.

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A photo with Thousand Words

Posted by Ralph Allen @ 5:26 PM on Wednesday, March 31, 2010 | { 0 } Lovers

Hmmm I am bit amazed about this photo. I found this in stumbleupon and been wondering if I could just make even a single strip of this using my photo (haha!). I know a little of photoshop, but with this kind of stuff is really not my skill.
I also found this site which is a textorizer that can make one close to this but can’t save to computer. Try and be amazed

{ textorizer }


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Getting S-L-I-M

Posted by Ralph Allen @ 5:19 PM on | { 0 } Lovers

Hello World! It’s me Ralph and I came up to my newest and most updated blog ever! It’s been a while since I posted for a blog. Through the years, wordpress interface has changed a lot. The free account’s css (like what I am using, err) is uneditable that’s why it’s hard for me to edit and put things in my sidebar, hence a very easy to use widgets. Anyway, I’ve been so fat nowadays and It’s my biggest dilemma. I will be graduating on April15 and was able to fit my gala uniform. The uniform I am talking about does not fit me. Well actually it does (from the time I first fit it) but now, it’ doesn’t! What will happened to me? Will I lose or gain weight until the graduation day. Well, let us all find out Been so laid back the past few days. Sitting, clicking infront of the computer for almost whole day. Now, tell me how will I lose weight?

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