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Posted by Ralph Allen @ 6:40 AM on Thursday, April 1, 2010 | { 10 } Lovers

Di natin hanap, yaman sa mundo..
para sumaya..

I bet familiar ang few lines na yan sa inyo. I bet napanood nio din ako. 'Twas a very pleasant feeling after all..

I went to my friend's house to hitch papuntang ABS-CBN. Hinihintay ko sya (sobrang tagal) and yet di pa pala sya nagpaaalam sa father niya. So ang nangyari e lumabas kami ng bahay nila, nagtago dun sa kapitbahay na may store habang inaabangan yung kuya niya na papasok na (hitch). Kahit mukha kaming tanga dun sa tindahan, ok lang we are excited lang. Then finally after 1 hour of mukhang tanga lumabas din yung brother niya. And we finally headed to ABS.

Here are few shots taken from, dancing with anne curtis. I was like --OMG! I was uhmm.. speechless! She's so gorgeous. Sabi ko na lang, maging friend ko lang to, ako na ata ang pinakamasayang tao sa buong mundo. I'm thinking how lucky Sam to have Anne as her gf. I mean, Anne is everything -- hence, a dream girl.

------------ This is the whole story about going to the stage!
My classmates kasi are teasing me. They all bet na ako daw tatawagin ni Kuya Kim to dance with the Scoreboard (so, pinagtitripan nila ako). Sabi ko, subukan niyo, magc-CR ako kunwari para di ako matawag. So ayun na nga, during the commercial break, naghahanap na si kim kung sino ang representative ng group. AKO! Ako ang tinawag (salamat ha!), sabi ko ke Kim, ayoko, wag ako -- iba na lang! Sabi niya, wag daw pilitin ang ayaw, kasi panget ang kalalabasan on TV. Well kesa masabihan akong KJ or what, I swallowed and tell Kim, Ok ako na! Then airing na.. My moment of truth. All I thought is dance in the seat. but this Kim push me on the stage and I was like -- O.O oh nooooooo! Then sabi niya, show ko daw talent ko. Im so anxious about it, wala na ako naisip, kungdi sumayaw. Eh si Anne nakatingin lang, ginawa ko sinayawan ko sya to spice up the crowd! Hahaha it was a very frustrating and yet pleasant feeling after all. Atleast I get closer to Anne and she even Kissed me :))))

Showtime!! tuwang tuwa! mukhang tanga!
{click to enlarge }

I am thanking my classmates who pushed me over and over. Atleast im proud nakiss ko si Anne kahit mukha akong tanga on TV! Hahaha!

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" Everything is a history :)) "

" aus ah base! finollow na din kita hehehe..welcome sa blogosphere.. d ko napanood ung ep na andun ka sayag hehehe "

" @Rico. Haha! What base? Lol. Sayang. ooh thanks for welcoming me and following. Just excited for this. Ye! "

" hahaha... very nice experience, there are opportunities talaga na di dapat palampasin... "

" woooow nasa tv ka!

ang cute mo dun hehe "

" @Elyong. Yep. Hahaha! Ang saya

@Mac Callister. Thanks! Sabi nga nila cute daw ako (magpahumble kaya ako minsan haha) "

" Wow! Lucky you! You know what, your waiting moment to your friend is all worth it. =D You kissed anne, and you're on tv. =D

The Brown Mestizo "

" @Jules. Oo nga e grbe blessing in disguise pala ung waiting. haha! Soooooooo lucky! "

" hello ralph,

thanks for passing by.

appreciated very much,

regards "

" Oh my! I envy you. ;D I saw that episode of Showtime! You dance like it's a prty, lolz. But you are so lucky to see Ann so near and oh, you kiss her too. ;D

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